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Eclipse SWT Browser and Cross Browser compatibility

Posted by sureshkrishna on August 22, 2007

I have been using the Browser widget from past 1 year in my project which is targetted on AJAX and SOA kind of integration environments in Eclipse. As one can imagnine that the inbuilt browser capabilities are necessary on AJAX environement.

It was quite interesting in the initial stages to use the Browser and render the html and other widgets in the Windows environment. In time we moved on to the Linux and Mac OSX and then we had to really face some major challenges.

Especially the way Browser Widget renders the widgets on the Internal Browsers is weird. The same HTML DOM is rendered by an external browser in a different way on OSX and Linux and in external browser everything looks fine.

Some of the DOM rendering capabilities, Draggable events, etc…are kind of strange in the internal Browser. In that case the only thing we had to do was to support the External Browser invokation also when ever the internal Browser fails.

In the end becareful in “Why you want to use Browser Widget” and also “What you want to display” in it.


4 Responses to “Eclipse SWT Browser and Cross Browser compatibility”

  1. Technology said

    i think you should used the first one where you started and knowledgable

  2. Steve said

    How about entering bug reports for the differences you saw?

  3. OK….i do apologize that i should enter these as bugs. We were kind of got lost in the development cycle. Will see the new Eclipse 3.3 and see which all bugs have been resolved.

  4. Justin Rao said


    I am just wondering when you launch the external browser with your URL, if you have some experience to do it with a HTTP POST?

    I am also doing the similar function, but I can only manage to do HTTP GET through URI.



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