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Geek Poll – 1

Posted by sureshkrishna on December 22, 2008

I am starting a small polling series about the IDEs (like Eclipse, JDeveloper, Visual Studio, etc…), Programming Languages(like Java, Ruby, Haskell, F#, etc…) and in general technology. Thanks to all those who respond. Please do leave some comments on your answer choices.


12 Responses to “Geek Poll – 1”

  1. Arun said

    Eclipse is cool in all aspects when compare to NB. I am a RCP developer using eclipse for over 4 yrs. I used NB also for Swing development.

  2. Ben said

    I’m never really sure what use these polls are as I am sure a lot of developers use more than one IDE, but for me I am certainly in the NetBeans camp.

  3. Thomas said

    This poll is senseless in an Eclipse-biased blog.

  4. When I was into Java, I used NetBeans a lot and I really loved the IDE. Although I wasn’t familiar with all of its capabilities, I was very pleased with it. A couple of months ago, I started C# so Visual Studio Express was an one-way road… My vote goes to Visual Studio since I used it by far more than NetBeans…

  5. Nate said

    I’ve used Eclipse, Netbeans, and IDEA for Java development. Most of my “at work” development is done in Eclipse. Most of my personal, “at home” development is done using IDEA.

  6. Rob said

    Netbeans all the way. It has the best out of the box experience and with few exceptions everything just works.

    The overall stack of Netbeans/Glassfish/MySQL is very compelling. I also love being able to develop swing user interfaces quickly and easily with no additional plugins. Upgrades are a breeze as well.

  7. Mike said

    I have been forced to use Eclipse at work for the past 4 years. I have come to dislike it so intensely that it is a contributing factor in my desire to change jobs! IntelliJ is my preferred IDE, by far (which I use at home) – it provides a seamless experience for software development. When I work in IntelliJ, I focus on my programming and IntelliJ just supports my flow. Eclipse is a piecemeal hack; the core OSGi platform is interesting and potentially revolutionary, but the implementation of the UI, the lack of quality in plugins, the many usability bugs that continue to exist from release to release make it the pits to use. On paper Eclipse’ features look great – but in terms of usability, it really has a long way to go.

  8. I really like NetBeans and Borland JBuilder for Java, but I’ll have to vote for Microsoft Visual Studio as I use it for ASP.NET-C# development everyday at work.

  9. example said

    I tried out netbeans when 6 or whatever came out. It was pretty nice but a little flaky and the GUI designer — what a mess. The .form file and the class file would get out of sync, making it impossible to update forms.

    Eclipse, on the other hand, is just absolutely rock-solid.

  10. Joe Schmoe said

    Eclipse, because of the extensibility. I work for Oracle, and like JDeveloper for some things, but it does not have the breadth of Eclipse. Specifically, I need Eclipse for C/C++.

  11. He said

    Visual Studio is God’s IDE.

  12. Abhishek said

    Eclipse is almost like a standard for IDE…

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