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Eclipse Guest (Web) Lecture at Rajagiri College @ India

Posted by sureshkrishna on July 27, 2009

One of my close friend is a professor in Rajagiri Engineering College for Computer Science and got me introduced to the head of the Department. This engineering college conducts guest lectures from variety of technology verticals and they requested me to have a Eclipse lecture session. After a lot of initial planning we finally started a 5 hour series of lectures on Eclipse (Eclipse course).Eclipse Guest Lecture Series

In the first session i Introduced the basic idea of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and it’s win over the conventional text editors. We then moved on with different text editors like Notepad, Textpad, EditPlus, vi and then talked about the Eclipse, Visual Studio, NetBeans, JDeveloper as an introduction. Typically in the Engineering colleges there will be budget constraints and they seldom has access to expensive IDEs. The faculty and students are very excited to know about the IDEs and the role it plays in their day-to-day development life.

Here are some pictures…





2 Responses to “Eclipse Guest (Web) Lecture at Rajagiri College @ India”

  1. Hello Suresh Krishna,

    Great to know about such a session about Eclipse in Rajagiri college.

    I am an Eclipse plugin developer, based from Trivandrum.


  2. This is a fantastic presentation which was captured !!! Keep up this good work …

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