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Go online with RAP 1.0

Posted by sureshkrishna on October 16, 2007

Rich Ajax Platform(RAP) is a project from Eclipse aims to enable developers to build rich ajax and RIA by using eclipse development model, plugins and java-only apis. Innopract a Germany based company and an eclipse foundation member is the major contributor for this project.

The core of the RAP is a subset of SWT APIs and and some JFace. So over all the widgets available in the SWT and JFace are available to build the RIA. RAP is very similar to RCP, in the way that RCP runs on the desktop and RAP runs on the server. The RAP libraries intelligently renders the UI at the browser with the help of the JavaScript qooxdoo library. RAP lets many of the desktop based RCP applications to be run on the server with little or no changes in the code. Would it not be so cool to have a single code base and be able to have RCP and RIA? It’s very interesting to see the maturity of this project from incubator to 1.0 and all the new and note worthy features.

In the end it definitely competes with the GWT, AIR, Backbase, JackBe, Open Laszlo, etc… in the area of the AJAX Framework and Tools for building the applications. As APIs are based on Java, in this aspect it’s very close to GWT.

All the best to RAP !!!

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Eclipse SWT Browser and Cross Browser compatibility

Posted by sureshkrishna on August 22, 2007

I have been using the Browser widget from past 1 year in my project which is targetted on AJAX and SOA kind of integration environments in Eclipse. As one can imagnine that the inbuilt browser capabilities are necessary on AJAX environement.

It was quite interesting in the initial stages to use the Browser and render the html and other widgets in the Windows environment. In time we moved on to the Linux and Mac OSX and then we had to really face some major challenges.

Especially the way Browser Widget renders the widgets on the Internal Browsers is weird. The same HTML DOM is rendered by an external browser in a different way on OSX and Linux and in external browser everything looks fine.

Some of the DOM rendering capabilities, Draggable events, etc…are kind of strange in the internal Browser. In that case the only thing we had to do was to support the External Browser invokation also when ever the internal Browser fails.

In the end becareful in “Why you want to use Browser Widget” and also “What you want to display” in it.

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