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JSON2XML TreeViewer plugin for Eclipse

Posted by sureshkrishna on September 24, 2007

I have been working on the WEB2.0 platform from past one year. All the while i was looking out for simple plugins for eclipse to visualize and analyze the  json that either i built or got from server.

  • It is so much of a pain to really construct the JSON and then to debug to see if we have inserted the data at the right children.
  • When the complexity of the JSON grows, its difficult to see which are arrays and which are maps.
  • What if you need to test if the JSON is syntactically correct ? (of course we can send the request to  the server and get a response with a error header, but this is not what we want in most of cases)
  • When JSON is well formatted with the correct tabs it looks good else its a coffee-break time to see the JSON as formatted text

After looking at all these issues, i have written a small plugin to convert the JSON to XML and a Tree Response. This enables you to…

  • View the JSON as XML text
  • View JSON as Hierarchical Tree
  • Get immediate response if JSON is wrong.

I would love to get any of your feedback and response. I would be working on this plugin in the future, so your improvement request are well considered.

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Showing Hierarchical data in Eclipse

Posted by sureshkrishna on December 9, 2006

Withe the introduction of RCP, EMF-RCP, GEF and GMF, now there are plethora of choices to display hierarchical or grouped data. I have been struggling with all these varieties to choose one amongst them. Its quite clear why would you choose a viewer (Tree, Table, etc…), so i am not going to write much about it. The real challenge is to choose between the available widgets appropriate for your application.

The Hierarchical data that need to be presented to the end user can be in many ways. It can be a TreeView, TableView, TableTreeView, Nebula PShelf Widget, ExpandBar. Probably there can be more viewers/widgets that i am not aware of.

The real important difference is to make sure that we have the right Widget and right Viewer to represent the data. Pretty clearly, many of the widgets from SWT can not manage the complex data manipulation. That’s the reason we have a very user friendly layer called JFace on the top of it 🙂

Recently i also fiddled around with the PaletteView in GEF. This is also a very good starting point to represent collection of artifacts, from which we are going to select a specific action or tool. To provide a select-drag-create kind of scenario, i love to use PaletteView, TreeView, PShelf.

A more dynamic scenario is supported by the TreeView (as it has the providers behind) . If we are sure of the artifacts to be represented at the design and development time, its better to go with the PaletteView, PShelf kind.

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