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Is anyone doing Mashup IDEs on Eclipse ?

Posted by sureshkrishna on October 24, 2007

Gartner predicts that Mashups and Composite Apps is one of the top 10 technologies for 2008. There have been lot of companies embracing the so called bleeding-edge technologies like SOA, RIA, Web2.0, Virtualization, Social Networks and Enterprise Wikis. As these technologies and frameworks are supposed to increase organizations productivity, there is a need to look-into the developer’s productivity too. These days many are happy that you get to choose one in many of the development environments. 

Following are few of the very cool IDEs that i have seen in the area of AJAX, SOA, RIA …

  1. Eclipse (WTP, ATF, RAP)
  2. MyEclipse
  3. Aptana
  4. GWT Designer
  5. Flex Builder
  6. OpenLaszlo IDE
  7. JackBe’s Presto
  8. Nexaweb
  9. BackBase
  10. TIBCO General Interface

I am very curious to see anyone coming up with an IDE for Mashups and Composite applications in the Commercial and Open Source area. I am aware that the enterprise Mashups and composite applications is a budding concept. Of course Mashups from Google are there for a while (but these are not the real enterprise Mashups). Recently i have seen few projects like Damia from IBM, PopFly from Microsoft, Wires from JackBe, Kapow and Denodo. These projects do have some sorts for IDEs but none of them apparently have an IDE based on Eclipse.

“Is anyone out there who is doing Mashup IDEs on Eclipse ?”

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