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Plugin Release : XPath Workbook (beta)

Posted by sureshkrishna on February 24, 2009

Last couple of months have been quite hectic with my job and also in my personal life. Effectively this is my first blog entry this year on Eclipse. In the last one year i have been deeply involved creating XML manipulations and Eclipse plugins. XML and XPath development usually involves lot of experimentation with the XPath expressions and in the real time situations different functions and namespaces can get real creepy.

I could not afford licensing costs for the professional XPath and XML IDE integrations, i wrote one small “XPath Workbook” utility by my self. Even if would have got the license, i might not need all the features that a sophisticated plugin might provide. I am hoping that this is very helpful for others too, who would want to use it as-is or extend it further. I provided the downloads for update site and source on google code and in a short time i am planning to provide the documentation too. If you are working on XML/XPath centric projects, would encourage you to try this plugin and provide me feedback. I am also open, if anyone wants to participate or contribute to this project.

I am providing few screen shots of the plugin…

#1 XPath Workbook as a View


#2 XPath Workbook with Source XML to be tested


#3 Xpath Workbook with dynamic content assist


#4 XPath Wrokbook with Results


Happy Eclipse’ing.

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Plugin dependency visualization plugin

Posted by sureshkrishna on October 16, 2007

Thanks to Bull for contributing this great plugin. He has created and hosted the plugin dependency visualization plugin on eclipse. The dependency visualization aims to provide a set of views to assist with plug-in dependency analysis tasks. In particular, the views will provide cognitive support to people as they attempt to understand the dependencies between their plug-ins.

It supports set of views with analytics and cognitive tools. This plugin gives a cool visualization of the dependencies between various developers plugins.

Earlier the only way to understand the dependencies is to keep different plugins on the whiteboard and run the plugin dependency tool in the pde. But with this plugin, it becomes much easier for the project leads and team members to manage the plugins.

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